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These exquisite napkins are sure to leave you starry eyed.

These charmingly simple napkins, stitched in gold or bright yellow stranded cotton, really are the ideal accompaniment to your table.

You can stitch the golden stars on to your own choice of coloured napkin, enabling you to co-ordinate or mix and match at will. You could try adding some extra sparkle to your table cloth and even your curtains, giving your whole dining area that special, star quality treatment!

This simple design can be used and appreciated all year round, and can be used to decorate just about anything.

You will need:

• Napkin - colour of your choice
• Stranded cotton - gold or bright yellow
• Embroidery needle - size 8
• Embroidery hoop


Transferring the design

1. Print out the star trace (above) or draw your own and then place your fabric over the it and secure with masking tape. Using a soft pencil, draw round all the lines accurately as you will need to cover all of them with stitching.

2. Place your fabric in the embroidery hoop. This will keep the fabric taut, helping to keep your stitches neat. It will also prevent the fabric from puckering.

How to stitch the design

1. Start by working the big star. When you work the chain stitch you can vary the number of threads in the needle from one for a very fine outline, to two for a chunkier and bolder outline.

2. You can either leave the simple outline of the star stitched, or you can fill the stars with more lines of stitching, or swirls, in the centre for an alternative and bolder look.

Simple outline star trace
Simple outline star trace
Outline with detail star trace
Outline with detail star trace

Chain Stitch

Work from right to left bringing the needle up at 1, down at 2 and up at 3, making sure that the thread is under the needle. Pull the needle through slowly to form a neat loop - do not pull too tightly or the 'chain' effect will be lost.

Other uses

These simple stars would look great along the edge of children's curtains, you could even make a set, with matching duvet and pillowcase.

Star light, star bright! How about giving some dull clothes a bit of a make over, livening up a boring shirt, or the bottoms and pockets of your trousers.

You could even stitch stars on to a bag to give yourself the total star treatment.

Use as many or as few designs as you wish to create a truly original look to your subject.

There is a galaxy of choice and opportunity awaiting you.

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