Norfolk Hedge Baskets
Norfolk Hedge Baskets

Norfolk Hedge Baskets

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Jonathon Carrie – Basket Maker

I grew up on a farm in South Norfolk and remember the old men sitting in the barn on rainy days repairing farm baskets using stuff they had cut from the hedgerows. As these old men retired and passed away so did many of their skills and a whole way of rural life.

I spent a number of years visiting and learning from basket maker Adrian Charlton before receiving a bursary from the Worshipful Company of Basket Makers that allowed me to spend time over a year with another basket maker: Peter Dibble.

I use a variety of materials from home-grown willow to hand cut hedgerow material. All in its natural state with the bark left on, simply dried and stored.

This creates beautiful resilient hard wearing baskets that should last  several lifetimes.

Care for your basket

The colours will mellow and change but can be refreshed from time to time. Simply leave your basket outside in a rain shower for 20 minutes to revive those winter colours.

It is important to remember that each basket I make will be unique. The materials that I have available, the shape and colour, the textures and layers will vary. You know that your basket will be unique to you.