• In-Person Course

    Introduction to Leather Work

    Two day Introduction to Leather Craft

    As seen on Ch 4’s “I Made This” and BBC’s “Countryfile”.

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    This course will introduce students to the basic skills used in leather work. Students with little or no experience will be taught basic skills by making two small items in leather. The projects will cover skills such as cutting and stitching leather.

    The course is designed to equip you with the basic skills necessary for you to continue developing the craft of leather work. The course will be taught using a hands-on approach with advice and guidance throughout using a variety of teaching methods including demonstration, instructions and one-to-one, hands on guidance. You will be guided through the techniques used in making two simple projects, a belt and a small leather pouch that will be yours to keep.

    Students will gain the following skills:
    – Learn about different types of leathers and what uses they can be put to.
    – Learn how to cut simple patterns.
    – Learn about the basic hand tools used in leather work and what jobs they are used for (e.g. Setting rivets and press studs, hole punching, edge finishing, strap cutting.)
    – Learn how to fit a buckle.
    – Learn to hand stitch leather with linen thread and 2 needles.
    – Learn how to personalise or pattern leather by stamping.
    – Learn simple techniques used in leather work.

    Maximum of 3 students.

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Location : Somerset

    Two day Introduction to Leather Craft As seen on Ch 4's "I Made This" ...