Virtual Beginners Candle Making Workshop


Learn to make the candles in the kit live with us!

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Course Details :-
  • Online Course
  • 2 hours

It includes everything you need to learn and make candles at home: the equipment, materials, printed 22-page user guide, live online workshop, step-by-step videos, ongoing live webinars and our online Masterclass.

What's included in the price

Online workshop: > 20 step-by-step videos covering equipment and candle-making techniques (click here for list of videos) > 22 page step-by-step user guide with colour photos > Membership of our Facebook Masterclass group > Ongoing live webinars to learn new techniques and make more candles at home using the equipment in your kit PLUS >Live workshop broadcast from our candle-making studio in Marlow - where we go through all the candle-making techniques to make pillar, container and rolled candles of the Beginners Workshop - dates are published on our homepage Candle-making kit (shipped FREE of charge to your door): In the kit you have everything you need to make pillar candles, fragranced container candle, three rolled beeswax candles and six tealights Wax melter Dial thermometer Tin container and lid x 1 Reusuable pillar mould x 1 Tealights x 6 Wicks x 11 and wicking sticks x 2 Fragrance oil x 1 Dye x 2 Soy pillar wax (200g) Soy container wax (280g) Beeswax sheets x 4 Printed 22 page step-by-step printed guide with colour photos


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  • Pouring wax
    In-Person Course

    Beginners Candle Making Workshop

    The perfect first step for anybody, who wants to learn how to make candles. Our three-hour workshop will teach you about the different types of candles that are sold in the UK, the types of wax, dyes and fragrances!

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    Location : Buckinghamshire

    The perfect first step for anybody, who wants to learn how to make candles. ...

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