Interior Design & Decor Online Course with weekly one to one consultations


Design the interior of your dreams on FLOCKS online distance learning course

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Course Details :-
  • Online Course
  • 5 weeks or longer

Description This comprehensive online interior design course includes 12 self study modules, and weekly 1:1 telephone and or video consultations. I will personally guide and inspire you through your creative learning journey. I'll be sharing all my experience with you, using techniques I've practised in my residential interior commissions, teaching workshops and courses at FLOCK in Devon. This five-week distance learning version of my on-site course will take you through a full redesign of a room of your choice from start to completion, all without the need of expensive computer software or any experience of interior design. How to work through the course Each week you'll receive an email containing a workbook of course material for the modules you'll be studying. Each workbook also includes practical creative tasks and assignments for you to complete as you master your own interior design project. Although this course is designed for you to work through remotely, I will be in touch with you during your design journey and at the end of each week, we will follow up with a phone consultation where we can discuss your progress and I can answer any queries you may have on the week's assignments. You will also be able to share your design work with me online, and I will follow your progress through the course. On our weekly (up to one hour) consultation calls, I will provide you with personalised and professional feedback, which is what makes this course unique and stand out from the crowd. So, if you have trouble deciding on a colour palette or what style fixture might match your concept, don’t worry I’ll be on hand to support you, and you can relax in the knowledge that you'll never feel stuck or overwhelmed with a design decision again. Timetable If you find you’re unable to commit to the timeframe or your project is put back, you can always work through the course at your own pace; and you’ll be armed and ready with the necessary design know-how to kick-start your interior project when it happens! And remember, you can go back over the learning modules as many times as you need once you’ve finished the course. Once you’ve booked your place you can start the course anytime (we can arrange mutually convenient times to have our consultations) and all course material comes with lifetime access. Cancellation and a full refund can be obtained up to 2 weeks before the course starts. Start dates may be amended on request.      

What's included in the price

What's included in the price? Learning documents- attractively laid out with beautiful photographs, sketches and digital illustrations. Welcome document: Introduction Aims of the course Equipment list How to Set up your Pinterest Account Week 1: Getting started Module 1: Create your own styling brief Module 2: Finding your personal style Module 3: Gathering your visual inspiration Week 2: Colour Module 4: Defining your colour choices Module 5: Creating your colour palette Week 3: Plan & visualise your space Module 6: Creating a room layout Module 7: Creating a mood board Week 4: Decorating Module 8: Painting & decorating tips Module 9: Applying your colour palette Module 10: How to mix decor styles Week 5: Completing your scheme Module 11: Layering & adding depth Module 12: Finalising your mood board Course completion When you’ve finished the course, you’ll have a clear vision of your scheme on your final mood board. This will give you the confidence to order and shop knowing that your interior will look fantastic, meet your budget and suit your unique style perfectly! EXTRAS INCLUDED IN THE COURSE: My Little Black Book of interior suppliers: This is huge value- From artwork to furniture to samples, it’s great to have a list of good suppliers to call on for your project. I’m excited to share the details of some of the companies and small businesses I’ve used during my years as an interior designer. Some will be household names you’ll recognise, others are small independents with online shops. With this resource document, you’ll never struggle to source anything interiors again! Magazine & website resource document: A list of some of the best reading material to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and sources. What you will need Desktop/laptop computer or tablet – with internet access. A notebook – to keep your thoughts organised. Camera – a must for snapping photos of things that inspire you and for logging items you'll be keeping in your scheme. A mobile phone camera is fine. Tape measure – for measuring your room, if you need to (optional). Printer – with a built-in scanner, if possible, but it's not essential. It's useful for scanning magazine pics, fabric that you may not want to cut and other materials that you'll want to add to your mood boards. Pair of scissors. Sketch or scrap book – preferably A3 size for collecting your early photographs and inspirational images. A2 size card – for sticking your inspiration and mood board physical cuttings onto. Double-sided tape, spray mount or glue – for sticking your final imagery onto your mood boards. Project box – for gathering heavy sample such as tiles, timber samples etc. Pencils and erasers – for sketching layout plans. Coloured pencils/felt tip-pens – for applying colour to your floor layouts. Graph paper – for sketching rough and to scale layout plans. Paint swatches – a good supply of paint swatch cards from different manufacturers to help you select your colour palette. Manufacturers' and retailers' catalogues – product literature from suppliers you love. Interiors/Homes magazines – old and new.


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