Out of this World – Cross Stitch

Take your cross stitch to another dimension with this wonderfully colourful and fun design by Dawn Marie Parmley

For the cushion - You will need:

  1. 28HP1 evenweave  — 20x20 in (51x51 cm), blue
  2. Stranded cotton — as listed in the key
  3. Tapestry needle — size 26
  4. Backing fabric — 20x20 in (51x51 cm) to tone with front
  5. Cushion pad — 14x14 in (36x36 cm)
  6. One  extra skein of stranded  cotton per tassel

For the tie back  - You will need:

  1. 28HPI evenweave — 25x5 in (64x I 3 cm), blue
  2. Stranded cotton — as listed in the key
  3. Tapestry needle — size 26
  4. Narrow  ribbon — 8in (20 cm) length, red


How to stitch the cushion design

  1. Fold the evenweave fabric in half both ways to find the centre and mark it with a pin. This is the best place to start your stitching and is shown on the chart by a grey square.
  2. Follow the chart and key to see where to put the stitches and which colours to use. All cross stitch is worked in two strands of stranded cotton over two threads of the evenweave fabric.
  3. When you have finished all the cross stitch you can add the backstitch details and outlines in one strand of black stranded cotton.
  4. When you have finished your stitching, it is ready to wash and make up into a cushion.

How to make up your cushion

  1. Place the cushion back and front right sides together. Sew together using a 1/2in (13mm)  seam allowance. Leave a large gap at the bottom of the cushion. This will enable you to turn the cushion in the right way and to insert the cushion pad.
  2. Trim the corners and Turn the cushion cover right side out, easing it out at the corners.
  3. Insert the cushion pad and slip stitch the cushion cover closed.

How to stitch the tie back

  1. Find the centre of your strip of fabric and cross stitch the sun motifs along it following the chart all the time to get the stitches in the right place. You only need to stitch along half the length of the strip as when it's folded around a curtain, the other half won't show, we stitched eight repeats on our tie back.
  2. To make your stitching into a tie back, fold it lengthways with the right side to the inside. Stitch a 1/2 in (13mm) seam along its length. Turn it out the right way and fold under 1/2 in at each end. Slip stitch the ends to close them, inserting a loop of red ribbon into the seam as you go.

How to make a tassel

  1. Cut a piece of card twice the length of your Fold in half. Wrap stranded cotton around until all the thread is used.
  2. Using a blunt needle, pull another thread under the wrapped threads at the folded end. Wrap round tightly several times and knot to secure.
  3. Slide a pair of scissors into the open edge of the cardboard and cut through the wrapped threads. Do not cut through the top of the tassel.
  4. Wrap a new length of thread around the top of the tassel a quarter down from the top. Tie tightly to secure and thread the ends up through the top 0. Secure in place at the corners of the cushion. Trim the bottom edge of the strands.





Tip: If you have never stitched on evenweave before, why not try using navy 14HPI aida instead and leave out the backstitch outlines.

This article originally appeared in Needlecraft Magazine November 1997

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