Making Paper Sculptures

When a wet day proves the catalyst for developing a new set of skills...


paper sculptures

Being unwilling to venture out of the house, I was flicking though some old craft books and came across a rather complex process to make some lovely paper beads. With a pair of scissors, an old book and a Pritt Stick to hand, I set about simplifying the method and created my first outcome.

Using this deceptively simple process, which creates great results, I have created a range of paper sculptures from  small hanging hearts a couple of centimetres high to free standing sculptures around 60cm tall, inspired by the collection of ceramics at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire; these pieces have been exhibited at Chatsworth as part of their annual Art Out Loud event, which attracts international artists to speak about their experiences and work.

My favourite designs are those inspired by coffee and tea pots. I really enjoy creating a range of templates, making elegant spouts and handles, and choosing to make them from decorative papers from old books and children’s annuals.

Teaching other people to make paper sculptures is immensely satisfying, whether they are the friends and family of a bride, coming together to make favours and decorations for a wedding venue or people joining me in my studio to create paper fruits to decorate their home in the Autumn months. Learning a creative technique is both challenging and stimulating, providing a significant boost to confidence, self esteem and positivity, and you get to take something fabulous away.

Liz Wellby - Course Tutor (Paper Sculptures) Blooming Designs

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